Our customers

  • Abigo
  • Arlandastad Group
  • Armatec
  • Billerud
  • Bryan Garnier
  • Coor
  • Crepido
  • Denstply Sirona
  • ENRX
  • Emerson
  • Epiroc
  • Floatel
  • IHM
  • KGH
  • Nefab
  • Nouyron
  • Recharge
  • SKF
  • Samhall
  • Scandinova
  • Stena Recycling
  • Transtema
  • Valmet
  • Växa



Ensure the network works

Transtema previously consisted of 16 different companies. Those who knew…

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We give smart cities a new depth

Envac is one of the world's leading companies in automatic…

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Don’t change oil

RecondOil Box from SKF enables circular use of oil. In…

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Annual report: ENRX

Fast-growing induction technology company based in Norway and working around the world. We and the…

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Annual report: Samhall

Samhall creates opportunities for people with disabilities to enter and create value in the Swedish…

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Annual report: Besqab

Everything a company does reflect the image of the brand, including the annual report. We…

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We live milk

Can you increase milk production and at the same time get happier cows? We enabled…

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Is your business ready for fast charging?

Recharge operates the Nordic region's largest open charging network for electric cars with over 2,400…

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Think what engineering can achieve

To increase awareness of SKF among their customers, potential employees, and the general public, we…

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