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Are you looking for an agency that understands B2B communication? Or do you need someone who can lecture on B2B? Feel free to contact Louise or Andreas.

Louise Danckwardt CEO | Managing Partner
Andreas Rudin Head of Investor Relations

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Our employees

Daniel Bergius Developer
Joel Björkbom Strategic planner | Brand Strategist
Lotta Boman Senior Advisor | Talent Manager
Ola Carlberg Art Director
Louise Danckwardt CEO | Managing Partner
Henrik Dubois Senior Advisor
Urban Ericsson Copywriter | Senior Partner
Linn Wallberg Freij Digital Marketing Specialist
Fredrik Hansson Copywriter | Brand Strategist
Felipe Hasselblad Developer
Dan Jönsson Copywriter
Carola Kylin Senior Consultant
Louise Larsson Digital Marketing Specialist
Annika Levin Graphic Designer
Johanna Levin Graphic Designer
Anders Lidzell Copywriter
Louise Lyth Producer
Mats Millner Art Director
Nils-Ola Nilson Graphic Designer
Jose (Pepe) Olea Creative Director | Brand Strategist
Paul Olsson Art Director
Andreas Rudin Head of Investor Relations
Stina Simonson Head of Content and Production
Helena Wiberg Producer

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