Welcome to Wardt. We create value that grows.

Wardt is a B2B communications agency that helps you create better business with the help of creative communication and deep understanding of your business. Are you looking for a partner who can set the direction for your brand and create value that grows? Feel free to get in touch!

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Ensure the network works

Transtema previously consisted of 16 different companies. Those who knew about the brand…

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We give smart cities a new depth

Envac is one of the world's leading companies in automatic waste management. These…

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Don’t change oil

RecondOil Box from SKF enables circular use of oil. In other words, you…

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The pandemic has re-shaped the world. The old truth that you must go to the office to do your job no longer applies. At least, it doesn’t here at Wardt. We noticed how our employees appreciated the freedom of working from home. Everyone was more productive and had more time for friends and family. So, we have now introduced the principle “work from anywhere”. You can choose freely. Will you work from home? A coffee shop? Or in the office. It’s up to each individual to decide.

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Wardt is growing rapidly in IR

Wardt Communication, one of Sweden's leading B2B communications agencies, decided to broaden its offering to…

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Wardt Communication helps an international industrial company build a new brand

Tough times or great times? More and more industrial companies again see branding as a…

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Wardt Communication is proud to sponsor Gundua Foundation

The purpose of Gundua Foundation, initiated in 2006, was to make a contribution to the…

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